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A guide to healthy & sustainable design solutions for your home

Where you live affects how you live 

You spend a lot of time indoors.  Whether in your home or at the office, out for dinner or at the grocery store, up to 90% of your day is spent inside a built environment.  These indoor spaces have a huge impact on your health and well-being - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. 


And the construction, demolition and renovation of these spaces affects the health of the planet and humanity around the globe.  The effects can be positive or negative depending on the choices we make.  There are construction materials that are harmful to the planet in every step of their life cycle from production to disposal, and others that are sustainably manufactured, fully biodegradable, and even contain purifying properties that can improve the air quality of an indoor space. 

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Holistic design looks at the whole picture, not only through a lens of financial cost, but with a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profits.  

It takes all of us

If you're here, you may have found us because you care about your health and the health of your family, and you understand that our choices impact the health of the planet.  And if this is the first time you've considered the idea of sustainability in your own home, we're glad to have you here too.  Because it takes all of us.


It’s not about making big, drastic changes, but small steps in the right direction, shifting the way we think about our built environment.  As a community, each of our small steps contributes to a movement toward a more sustainable design & construction industry.

ECOLOGICAL SPACES is a resource to educate and inspire the average home owner or small business owner in a holistic design approach and to take a step toward a healthier and more sustainable space.  We will be continuously adding information about the various facets of sustainable design.  Subscribe to our mailing list and join us on our journey as we continue to grow.





Is there a topic that you'd like to learn about that you can't find on our site?  We are continually adding to our content, so keep checking back or join our mailing list to be notified of new content. 


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Hi, I'm Jen, the creator of ECOLOGICAL SPACES.  I'm a mother, a home-owner, and a designer looking for a happy and healthy lifestyle for my family and to preserve this beautiful planet we all call home.  This website is a resource for any and every home-owner looking to make steps to a greener future starting in their own home.  


Are you looking for a professional to help you create a healthy and sustainable space that you love?  Let INVISION Design Solutions do the work for you!  To find out how we can help you with your specific design needs, check out our website.

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Holistic design begins with goals, priorities and design strategies

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Material choices express your personal choice and affect the health of your home and the planet 

Menu - Structure.png

The bones of your home create the space that you live in and can come in many different forms

Menu - Furnishings.png

Your choice of furnishings affects the functionality of your home and the welfare of people across the globe

Menu - Systems.png

The systems in your house are key to making a comfortable and energy-efficient space to live

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Lifestyle and ongoing maintenance impacts the overall sustainability of your home


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